Strawberry Shorts Film Festival 2008: Programme 5

The Horsemen

Filmmakers: Kate Madison

The four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as you’ve never seen them before.

This short comedy looks at the effect these four men can unintentionally have, especially on the poor waitress caught in the middle when they meet up in a country pub to discuss work.

(9:30, Comedy, UK)

Shooting Star

Filmmakers: Long Road Sixth Form College

A couple meet in a forest surrounded by Polaroids and a band.

Made as part of Long Road Sixth Form College Music Video Course.

(3:49, Music Video, UK 2008)

Winners And Losers

Filmmakers: Anita Gallo

Max loses much more than he realises when he scorns Jane’s unrequited love.

(9:14, Comedy, UK)

The Earlies ‘Bad Is As Bad Does’

Filmmakers: Jonny Madderson

The world leaders are gathered at the G8 Summit for a briefing on one of the most pressing issues facing mankind today. After years of inertia and empty promises, is now the time when a roadmap for change is finally agreed??

This film is one of the BBC Film Network New Music Shorts 2007.

(6:00, Music, UK 2008)


Filmmakers: Kyle Stumpp

Rescue is the story of a family in the air force. It follows a young boy as he comes to understand and accept the best he can the loss of his father with the help of his imagination.

(3:48, Drama, UK)


Filmmakers: Jim Christian

Liddle is the last man on Earth. His parents died years ago. But now he has built a friend to share his world.

(8:34, SF, UK 2008)


Filmmakers: Matt Smith

Jessica discovers that she is no longer ill and that her dead mother isn’t too dead.

(4:00, SF, UK 2005)

Colin Clout: The People’s Comedian

Filmmakers: Oliver Nais

Colin Clout is the people’s comedian. Over from the Canadian stand-up circuit, Colin is determined to become a ‘British Comic’ in London.

Following him on the final date of his International Racontour, the documentary explores the impact Colin has made.

(9:50, Comedy, UK 2008)

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