Strawberry Shorts Film Festival 2008: Programme 7

The Best Of Cambridge Super 8 2007: Saturday 7th June 2008: Screening 16:00

Teenage Mutant Ninja Strawberry

Filmmaker: David Pfluger

Animation about the adventures of a mutant strawberry.

(2:00, Animation, CH 2003)

Message 34

Filmmakers: Bertrand Louis & Dave Poussin

Science fiction romance story set in faux pre-First World War Europe.

(17:00, SF, FR 2006)

What Are Colours?

Filmmaker: Chris Wagganer

Things go terribly wrong for an assortment of household items. But a fresh coat of paint fixes everything– right? Originally shot for the ?Flicker Attack of the 50 Foot Reels? challenge on one roll of Super 8.

(3:00, Experimental,, UK 2006)

A Shift In Perception

Cambridge Super 8: best film 2007

Filmmaker: Dan Marceaux

Three vision-impaired women recount their lives, dreams, fears and observations.

(16:00, Documentary,, AU 2006)


Filmmaker: Eriko Sonada

A photograph was enlarged to life-size and photographed outside time (real time) and indoor time (made time) in one-frame shooting technique at the same time, destroying both space and the perception of person.

(7:00, Experimental animation, JP 2005)

RE: Collections

Filmmaker: Norwood Cheek

A touching interview with a man who shows off his strange and bizarre collections. Originally shot without editing on one roll of film for ?Flicker Attack of the 50 Foot Reels? challenge.

(3:00, Docu-comedy, AU 2006)

Bike Kill 2005

Filmmaker: Nick Golebiewski

?We don?t like airplanes. Airplanes are no fun because you can?t ride a bicycle in an airplane and riding bicycles is what it?s all about at the Black Label Bicycle Kill.? The Bike Kill is an all day block party in Brooklyn, NY with bike jousting, music, and mutant bikes.

(3:00, Documentary, US 2005)

America The Beautiful

Filmmaker: John Cannizzaro

A dark satire of the history of the United States of America….in under 8 minutes.

(8:00, Animation, US 2005)

Autumn In Flux

Filmmaker: Jason Nardella

A skateboarder travels through autumnal suburbs.

(5:00, Experimental, CA 2005)

Ive Been Single Too Long

Cambridge Super 8 : commendation prize 2007

Filmmaker: Shane Davey

A film about a young man?s morning routine and his wandering mind. Shot on one cartridge of Super 8 for the Straight 8 challenge

(5:00, Experimental, CA 2005)


Filmmaker: Sam Giles

After a long day at the office, a lonely businessman?s boring daily routine falls apart with surreal consequences.

(6:00, Mystery, UK 2006)

Donkey Harvest

Filmmaker: Allan Levasseur Brown

A factory worker loses his job. On his return home to his family, he embarks on a surreal journey where he is confronted with an environment at odds with his social reality.

(11:00, Mystery, CA 2005)

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