The Cambridge Strawberry Shorts Film Festival 2008

The Cambridge Strawberry Fair Short Film Festival 2008 was part of the Arts Area of Strawberry Fair.

The festival ran on the evening of Friday the 6th of June and from midday until 6pm on Saturday the 7th of June.

On the Friday evening we were in the Big Top Tent on Midsummer Common, Cambridge. The Friday night event was free to enter and we screened great short films from local and not so local filmmakers from 7pm till 11pm.

We introduced a competitive programme on Friday night featuring short film from new local filmmaker. We had an Audience and Jury prizes sponsored by FDMX.

Check out the full running order, our location of the Big Top Tent and Film Tent.


Short Film: Strawberry Fair 2008

Check out this short film about Strawberry Fair 2008 featuring Strawberry Shorts.

Shot and edited by Nicolas B. MacNider, the winner of the 2008 Strawberry Shorts Jury Award.

The film starts with the Strawberry Fair parade. which always marks the opening of the Saturday event.

Stay with the film till 1 minute 50 seconds to check out the Strawberry Shorts mayhem!


La fraise d’Or:
Best Local Filmmaker Awards 2008

The 2008 jury were:

The unanimous winner of the Jury Award was Nicolas B. MacNider for Konnichiwa Burning Man 2007.

They Said:

Beguiling with an effortless and slightly trippy image/music/sound relationship very much in sync with the subject, and very well observed. The judges thought it described the global village zeitgeist of the MySpace and Facebook generation perfectly. It managed to convey the freedom, excitement and discovery of the event.


The panel decided to highlight Pop Promos for a special mention:

  • Clare Leczycki: Wishing Stone (Her comment: very well shot and well edited…a film maker that shows great promise.)

  • Sarah Gibson: Make Out, Fall Out

  • Saint John Walker: Girls (His comment: Cambridge is the home of Sir Clive Sinclair, inventor of the Sinclair Spectrum and the notorious C5 scooter. The robots in this video are a worthy successor. The video emits fun and a lack of pretension, and is very well paced.”)

Other Films Commended

  • Clare Leczycki: Adventures Close to home (Her comment: very slick, well paced and good use of imagery. Mesmerising)
  • Sarah Gibson: Laughter is the best medecine
  • Saint John Walker: Static (His comment: this started as a valiant attempt to describe a big hollywood subject in an alternative way, and came up with some powerful images. It ran out of steam which is a shame, but is to be applauded for the attempt.”

The Audience Award


Running Order

The Strawberry Fair Film Festival 2008 featured eight programmes of great short films over two days.

On Friday 6th of June we had two programmes in Big Top Tent and on Saturday 7th of June we had six programmes in the Film Tent in the Arts Area of Strawberry Fair.

The first programme was our competitive best Local Film programme featuring short film from new local filmmaker. We have an Audience and Jury prizes sponsored by FDMX.

Check out the full running order below.