Strawberry Shorts Film Festival 2014 Commendations

The Strawberry Shorts Film Festival 2014 Commendation Screenings

Cambridge Cinema Shorts are proud to announce that the following films have received a commendation from The Strawberry Shorts Film Festival 2014 viewing panel.

With filmmaker permission, these films will be screened at the Cambridge Arts Picturehouse later this year.

Please follow this link for more details of commendation screenings.

All those commended are to receive individual notification.

Director: Michael Chandler,
(12:17, Drama, UK, 2012)

Below the Row
Director: Glen Travis,
(10:09, Documentary, UK, 2013)

Big Willow
Director: Jared Katsiane,
(10:29, Docudrama, US, 2013)

Bitter Honey (Gorky Med)
Director: Ainur Askarov,
(20:00, Documentary, RU, 2013)

Director: Marc Riba, Marc Riba,
(17:00, Animation/Horror, ES, 2013)

Chaja And Mimi
Director: Eric Esser,
(10:30, Documentary, DE, 2009)

Director: Jerónimo Rocha,
(10:25, Fiction/Fantasy/Horror, PT, 2013)

Director: Borja Cobeaga,
(10:46, Fiction, ES, 2013)

Director: Louis Paxton,
(15:00, Comedy drama, UK, 2013)

Drag me: A Urban Music Tale
Director: Nikos Kellis,
(5:41, Animation, GR, 2013)

Espania Is Different
Director: Salvador Guerra,
(4:00, Drama, ES, 2013)

Director: Judy Suh,
(20:18, Documentary, KR, 2011)

Glass Eyes of Locus Bayou
Director: Simon Mercer,
(14:30, Documentary, UK|US|CA, 2013)

Director: Simon Ball,
(7:30, Fiction, UK, 2013)

Goppi, the Cuban Indian
Director: Sonum Sumaria,
(6:36, Documentary, CU|UK, 2013)

Grace’s Epiphany
Director: Jamie Maule-Ffinch,
(1:47, Comedy drama, UK, 2013)

Haunted Hospital
Director: Molly Brown,
(5:44, Horror/Comedy, UK, 2013)

If I Had Wings
Director: Ricky Sinha,
(15:59, Documentary, IN, 2013)

If Its Not Tomorrow
Director: Martín Schuliaquer,
(13:40, Fiction, AR, 2013)

Jamaica 2005
Director: Jade D’Cruz,
(7:57, Documentary, JM, ?)

Jelly Baby
Director: Will Thomas Freeman,
(15:04, Drama, UK, 2012)

La Petite Fille
Director: Guillermo Alcalá ,
(13:45, Drama, ES, 2013)

La Train Blue
Director: Stephanie Assimacopoulo,
(17:50, Narrative/Mystery, FR, 2012)

Last Bus Home
Director: Mark Jackson,
(3:58, Horror, UK, 2013)

Later Than Usual
Director: David Hovan,
(6:20, Narrative, CA, 2013)

Director: Carolin Färber,
(18:28, Drama, DE, 2013)

Lines In The Sand
Director: Michael Gilroy,
(16:49, Drama, UK, 2012)

Lost House
Director: Nikolay Kotyash,
(16:37, Fiction, RU, 2013)

Model Starship
Director: Max Hattler,
(0:40, Experimental, UK|DE, 2013)

Poop on Poverty
Director: Vijay S. Jodha,
(6:00, Documentary, ZA|DK|IN, 2012)

Director: Anne Misselbrook,
(9:40, Comedy, UK, 2013)

Sholtz’s House
Director: Sophie Dixon,
(8:46, Art/Documentary, CZ, 2012)

Silence is Golden
Director: Katharine Rogers,
(2:53, Comedy, AU, 2013)

Director: Paul Murphy,
(13:32, Drama, UK, 2012)

The Drowned Man
Director: Per Krogh,
(16:39, Drama, US, 2013)

The Fan
Director: Victoria Josefina Martínez,
(1:39, Animation, AR, 2013)

The Philatelist
Director: Jan-Gerrit Seyler,
(7:24, Poetic, Adventure, DE, 2011)

To Cut A Long Story Short
Director: Marco Espírito Santo,
(2:37, Fiction/Experimental, PT, 2013)

Vakha and Magomed
Director: Marta Prus,
(12:00, Documentary, PL, 2010)

Director: Kate Herron,
(4:22, Comedy, UK, 2013)

What If, Like Me
Director: Sean Kelly,
(10:14, Romantic Comedy, UK, 2012)

Zela Trovke
Director: Asier Altuna,
(13:14, Documentary, ES, 2013)

NOTE: These films are not also rans, they have not come in as second best, it is simply that we, because of time restraints and programme balance are not able to screen them at the festival.

They are chosen for many reasons, great cinematography, brilliant production, sharp editing, talented actors but also, just because we liked them, often, for no other reason than that they were, in general, a very good and enjoyable film.