Strawberry Shorts Film Festival 2015 Commendations

Cambridge Cinema Shorts are proud to announce that the following films have received a commendation from The Strawberry Shorts Film Festival 2015 viewing panel.

With filmmaker permission, these films will be screened as part of a program of commendation screenings later this year.

Full details of the commendations screenings to follow shortly.

All those commended are to receive individual notification.

Director: Rekesh Shahbaz
Documentary 23:00 Iraq 2015

Director: A.D. Cooper
Drama 7:22 UK 2013

Asphalt Blue
Director: Nils Strüven
Drama 17:45 Germany 2015

Bayberries have ripened
Director: Niranjan Raj Bhetwal
Drama 16:25 Nepal 2014

Big Boy
Director: Yuri Solodov
Drama 15:54 Russia 2014

Blue Eyed Boy
Director: Amir Masoud Soheili
Drama 18:00 Iran 2014

Director: Jubrail Abubaker
Documentary 18:12 Iraq 2014

Bunny, Getting to Know Dad
Director: Tatiana Skorlupkina
Drama 18:06 Russia 2013

Calle Cortada
Director: Juan Carlevaris
Drama 12:15 Spain 2014

Children’s Time
Director: Nina Bisyarina
Animation 5:45 Russia 2014

Director: Sandeep Rampal Balhara
Documentary 14:00 Poland 2014

Director: Sandra Bekvalac
Comedy 1:35 UK 2014

Cut Out
Director: Guli Silberstein
Experimental 4:19 UK 2014

Director: Nils Strüven
Drama 5:00 Germany

Drops of Smoke
Director: Ane Siderman
Drama 19:45 Brazil 2013

Each Other
Director: Nils Strüven
Drama 15:00 UK 2014

Director: Pamela Kumira Sibanda
Documentary 6:47 UK 2015

Electric Indigo
Director: Jean-Julien Collette
Drama 24:00 Belgium 2013

Director: Steve Kahn
Psyco Thriller 13:54 US 2014

Ferdinand Knapp
Director: Andrea Baldini
Psychological Drama 15:00 France 2014

Director: Remedios Crespo
Spain 10:00 Science Fiction 2014

Fragments of a letter to a child unborn
Director: Maryam Tafakory
Experimental none fiction 5:00 UK 2015

Director: Tomer Werechson
Documentary 15:51 Israel 2014

Hit The Road
Director: Felix Knoche
Mystery 7:45 Germany, Austria 2013

Hooligan Hairdresser
Director: Juan Manuel Aragon
Comedy 13:01 Spain 2012

Director: Marc Martínez
Comedy Horror 8:20 Spain 2014

Hubert Le Blonen azken hegaldia
Director: Koldo Almandoz
Documentary 9:26 Spain 2014

I was five when I became a woman
Director: Maryam Tafakory
Experimental none fiction 5:00 UK 2014

I’ve got your back
Director: Sebastian Lagerkvist
Crime Drama 15:00 Sweden 2014

I’ve just had a dream
Director: Javier Navarro
Drama 7:25 Spain 2013

Director: Jean Christophe Pêcheur
Suspense 19:40 France 2013

Kyar Kyar Pankha(Rattling Fan)
Director: Pasang Dawa Sherpa
Drama 12:00 Nepal 2014

Director: YunTing Tsai
Art Video 6:45 Taiwan 2014

Director: Jessica Bishopp
Documentary 14:39 UK 2014

Like Father
Director: Jesse Harley
Dark Comedy 8:00 Canada 2010

Little Blue Tapir
Director: Salla Kallio
Fairy Tale 15:30 Finland 2014

Mano A Mano
Director: Ignacio Tatay
Comedy 7:01 Spain 2013

Mirror in Mind
Director: Seunghee Kim
Animation 2:04 South Korea 2014

Monsters and Animals
Director: Rachel Garber Cole
Experimental 13:29 US 2014

Director: John Graham
Experimental 7:48 Canada 2011

Mr Dentonn
Director: Ivan Villamel
Horror 9:00 Spain 2014

My 2014 Neighbour
Director: Anya Zulueta
Drama 6:17 Philippines 2015

Director: Bilgi Diren Güneş
Experimental 3:00 Turkey 2014

On Letting Go
Director: Laurel Parker
Drama 5:30 UK 2013

Oscar Desafinado
Director: Mikel Alvariño
Comedy 19:52 Spain 2014

Director: Andrej Kolencik
Documentary 11:37 Serbia 2014

Police Story
Director: Bob Jones
Documentary 3:00 US 2011

Director: Anthony Cajan
Drama Fantasy 9.57 France 2014

Route Of All Evil
Director: Molly Brown
Animation 5:01 UK 2015

Satan Has A Bushy Tail
Director: Louis Paxton
Drama 15:00 UK 2014

Director: Kjetil Alexander Gudmestad
Comedy 19:56 UK 2014

Self-destructing mechanism
Director: Nathalie Tafelmacher-Magnat
Romantic Comedy 8:30 Germany 2015

Still Got Lives_
Director: Jan-Gerrit Seyler
Drama 22:45 Germany 2013

Director: Alvaro Martin
Comedy 9:00 Spain 2013

Sunday Punch
Director: Alan Powell
Comedy 8:49 Canada 2013

Director: Maryam Tafakory
Experimental none fiction 10:00 UK 2014

The Girl Across The Street
Director: Steven Wouterlood
Drama 7:30 Netherlands 2013

The rules of the game
Director: Nerea Marcén
Comedy 9:14 Spain 2013

The Waldgeist & Me
Director: Joe Bichard
Animation 10:00 UK 2014

Video Store
Director: Ana Almeida
Drama 17:36 Portugal 2014

Yo Te Quiero!(I Want It!)
Director: Nicolás Conte
Animation 8:10 Argentina 2014

Director: Onur Yigit
Drama 15:52 Turkey 2014

Zarautzen erosi zuen (Shoplifter).
Director: Aitor Arregi
Drama 15:40 Spain 2014

NOTE: These films are not also rans, they have not come in as second best, it is simply that we, because of time restraints and programme balance are not able to screen them at the festival.

They are chosen for many reasons, great cinematography, brilliant production, sharp editing, talented actors but also, just because we liked them, often, for no other reason than that they were, in general, a very good and enjoyable film.