The Best of the Best @ The Portland Arms

event poster for The Best of the BestCambridge Cinema Shorts presented from its archive a small selection of The Best of the Best on the evening of Thursday the 6th of January at The Portland Arms.

At The Best of the Best the audience watch Cyberbeat to find out why rubber protection is so important after the prom, The Advantage of the Hitman to find out . . . well . . . what the advantage of a hitman is and The Gynaecologist to witness the terrible vengeance of a gynaecologist scorned!

The Outré Usherettes were on hand helping and hindering the audience to their seats. Check out the the full running order that they enjoyed below.

An awesomely entertaining night was had by all at The Portland Arms. Don’t miss out on the next Cambridge Cinema Shorts event! Click the facebook Like button in the right hand column and keep upto date on Cambridge Cinema Shorts shenanigans.


Running Order

First Half:

Thursday 6th January 2011: Screening 20:00

Run Time: ~ 40 minutes



Filmmaker: Harrison Wall

A sci-fi, teen-comedy musical about a lonely science geek, Andy McDandy, who builds himself a robot girlfriend to take to his high-school prom.

(4:05, Musical, UK, 2009)



Filmmaker: Russel Taysom

There’s something in the fields . . . something evil!

(1:22, Animation, UK, 2010)

Nora Sa Mi Paci/ I Like Nora

Nora Sa Mi Paci/ I Like Nora

Filmmaker: Aramisoua, Jakub Slama – Famu

She is a weirdo, gracefully confusing everyone.

(11:53, Comedy/Drama, CZ, 2009)



Filmmaker: Run Wrake

A dreamlike but dark story of lost innocence and the random justice of nature, told with curious images from a distant childhood.

When an idol is found in the stomach of a rabbit, great riches follow, but for how long?

(8:34, Animation, UK, 2005)

Where’s Mary

Where's Mary

Filmmaker: Tony Hickson

Based on the Mary Bell murders of the 1960s it shows what happens when the games children play go too far.

(5:30, Horror/Puppet, UK, 2009)

Elvis Is In The Van

Elvis Is In The Van

Filmmaker: Guy King

If there’s anything Seamus loves more than his boys, it’s his freedom.

The dad is shameless, shocking and inspiring; the three young boys are feral, adult and gorgeous.

Filmed in part by the participants themselves, this is a heartwarming and occasionally disturbing story about a dad who lives apart from his sons

(9:23, Documentary, UK, 2009)

20 minute interval

Second Half:

Thursday 6th January 2011: Screening 21:00

Run Time: ~ 80 minutes

Bike Kill 2005

Bike Kill 2005

Filmmaker: Nick Golebiewski

The Bicycle Kill is essentially a yearly event, it takes place a couple of days before Halloween, that is a veritable cacophony of maniacs on bicycles. . .

(3:03, Documentary, US, 2005)



Filmmaker: Rhiannon Evans

Falling in love only lasts as long as a piece of string.

(2:51, Animation, UK, 2009)



Filmmaker: Dave Lee

A contemporary adaptation of Philip Larkin’s 1964 poem “Here”, the opening work of his Whitsun Weddings collection.

Behind a read from Sir Tom Courtenay, the film journeys through Hull and east Yorkshire, seeking the characters and landscapes that inspire Larkin nearly half a century ago.

(3:29, Literary/Poem, UK, 2010)

Ju Ju’s Swirls

Ju Ju's Swirls

Filmmaker: Leeanne Flynn

We follow Juju as she disappears down the bath plug hole and emerges in another altogether stranger world.

(1:30, Animation, UK, 2010)



An uneasy situation, difficult decision, maternal (self)sacrifice set in real, raw but metaphorical environment.

(4:59, Drama, CZ, 2009)



Filmmaker: Carla Wright

A day in the life of a deluded Sindy doll.

She is tortured by her own jealousy, nightmares start to affect her every day life and vice versa.

(6:30, Animation/Experimental, UK, 2008)



Filmmaker: Vivien Peach

One man and his dinner.

(2:12, Animation/Experimental, UK, 2008)

The Advantage of the Hitman

The Advantage of the Hitman

Filmmaker: Luis Morillo Bernardeo, Ismael Morillo Ramos, Yolanda Moreno-Burgos Sanz

Melvin is going to kill a man.

He never thought he would, if not because those 3000 Euros will be the passport that will bring Maria to him…perhaps, Spain is not so different from El Salvador

(7:27, Drama/Thriller, ES, 2009)



When Lauren and Amy hear there is a man who ‘likes children’ living in the area, they decide to track him down to show him their handstands.

(11:04, Drama, UK, 2010)

Mai Cosi…Vicini(Never So…Close)

Mai Cosi...Vicini(Never So...Close)

Filmmaker: Emanuele Ruggiero

A surreal grotesque fable featuring the monsters next door.

(11:40, Black Comedy, IT, 2010)

The Darker Days of Me and Him

The Darker Days of Me and Him

Filmmaker: Chris Purnell

When Ben tells Rachel he is leaving her for another women, she has to stop him from going. Whilst imprisoned, Ben plots his escape as Rachel?s rage deepens and she contemplates a way for Ben and her to be together forever.

(11:14, Drama/Psycho-Noir, UK, 2009)

The Gynaecologist

The Gynaecologist

Filmmaker: Alfonso Camarero

A gynecologist is working in her office at the hospital as everyday. But the next patient…. is a boy!

(10:02, Black Comedy, ES, 2008)