Strawberry Shorts Film Festival 2011: Programme 2

15 certificate

Friday 3 June 2011: Screening 20:45



Filmmaker: Helen Johnson

A gothic fairytale of a young women’s willful journey into a world populated by luridly lustful and sinister hares.

(Local Film, 7:17, Stop-Motion Animation/Drama, UK, 2009)

Make a Move


Jude, a man rapidly approaching thirty and desperately unlucky in love…until the ‘the one’ walks right past him.

Backed by his ever supportive friend Dave, Jude is running out of time to make a move.

(2:20, Comedy, UK, 2011)



Filmmaker: Kirk Hendry, Libby Durdy

A tale of death and rebirth rages in a jungle world of shadowy hands

(5:36, Animation, UK, 2008)

Lights and Music – Cut Copy

Lights and Music - Cut Copy

Made as part of Long Road Media course work.

(Local Film, 3:33, Music Video, UK, 2009)

The Charcoal Burners(Smolarze)


Every summer, Marek and Janina work as charcoal burners in the Bieszczady Mountains.

The documentary joins the man and the woman from dawn till dusk, observing the slow passage of time.

A visual anthem to the beauty of life.

(15:00, Documentary, PL, 2010)



Filmmakers: Ryd Cook

An arrogant cyclist dings her bell . . .

(Local Film, 1:42, Comedy Horror, UK, 2009)



Filmmakers: Deborah Haywood

A tale of girls, mobile phones, and blokes.

A story set now and as old as the hills.

(12:00, Drama, UK, 2011)

Heart Skipped a Beat – XX

Heart Skipped a Beat - XX

Made as part of Long Road Media course work.

(Local Film, 3:32, Music Video, UK, 2009)



An uneasy situation, difficult decision, maternal (self)sacrifice set in real, raw but metaphorical environment.

(4:59, Drama, CZ, 2009)

Grandfather’s Skip

Grandfather's Skip

Filmmaker: Ken Kaizu

The usual story of grandfather who tries to walk to distance and grandmother who tries to manage to take side with it.

(4:59, Animation, JP, 2010)



Filmmaker: James Lark

How do films get their unique sense of melancholy nostalgia?

One film composer tells his story and reveals the secrets of his trade…

(Local Film, 5:04, Comedy, UK, 2010)

A Grumpy Old Man

A Grumpy Old Man

Filmmaker: Rachel Tracy

Seventy-seven-year-old Sid takes us on a tour of his clock collection and talks about a moment in his life when time stood still.

(7:30, Documentary, UK, 2009)

Where’s Mary

Where's Mary

Filmmaker: Tony Hickson

Mary lived in the woods with the wolves and the bears.

She may live near you now?

(5:30, Horror/Puppet, UK, 2009)

The Ritual

The Ritual

Filmmaker: Will Wright

Be careful what you ask for.

(4:20, Horror, UK, 2011)

The Dairy of a Mad Judge

The Dairy of a Mad Judge

Filmmaker: Thierry Bonnaud

In 1851, an old judge is philosophical about life and death.

(Local Film, 5:10, Drama, UK, 2010)



Filmmaker: Harrison Wall

A sci-fi, teen-comedy musical about a lonely science geek, Andy McDandy, who builds himself a robot girlfriend to take to his high-school prom.

(4:05, Musical, UK, 2009)

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