Cut It Short!: Programme

Running Order

Tuesday 8th December: Screening 20:00

Below is the full running order for Cut It Short!. It showcased the work of local filmmakers, many of whom will be present for Q&A after the screening of their films.

Holy Fire

Filmmaker: Peter Gregory

At the end of Strawberry Fair 2004 Pete UM plays one last tune when he encounters the lost kids.

(3:17, Documentary, UK 2004)

The Magnificent Revolution

Filmmaker: Jess Blake

This film documents the creation of the Magnificent Revoluntionary Cycling Cinema and their first gig on the Art Trail of The Big Chill 2007.

(9:58, Documentary, UK 2007)



Filmmaker: Tessa Morgan

Both competitors and fans of facial hair flocked from all over the globe to take part in the prestigious World Beard and Moustache Championships 2007, held in Brighton, UK.

We follow Keith from Seattle as he sizes up his competition in the freestyle moustache category.

(4:04, Documentary, UK, 2008)

Perpetual Motion

Perpetual Motion

Filmmaker: Marc Abraham

A motion picture about never ending motion.

(1:11, Experimental, UK, 2007)

Milkmaid(Kid Harpoon)


A milkmaid dreams of her future as a star.

Made as part of Long Road Media course work.

(2:44, Music Video, UK, 2008 &#8208 2009)


Filmmaker: Helen Judge

Don’t be a bit part player all your life. Accept this invitation to become an xtra in the Arts Area of Strawberry Fair 2008.

(1:26, Documentary, UK 2008)

Not In My Back Yard

Filmmakers: Kay Goodridge, Cathy Dunbar

What would you do in your back yard?

(4:22, Experimental, UK 2008)

Adventures Close to Home

Filmmaker: Lee Greatorex

A man is rejected by society at every turn. In the end the man is driven to his end.

(7:00, Experimental, UK)

Parking Space

Parking Space

Filmmaker: Patrick Widdess

A women’s car sits parked in quiet side street during her hectic afternoon in town. Narrated by Robert&#8208Louis Abrahamson.

(2:57, Drama, UK, 2008)

Fa$t Food World

Fa$t Food World

Filmmaker: Vladimir Paranin

A visual essay critical of fast food and the multinational corporations that make it.

(2:07, Animation, UK 2009)



Filmmaker: Ryd Cook

A boy runs away and spends the night in a decrepit barn. It is only when he is crudely awoken that we learn about the difficulties at home.

(5:58, Drama, UK, 2008)

Konnichiwa Burning Man 2007

Filmmaker: Nicholas B. MacNider

A travelogue set in the Burning Man Festival in the USA, filled with colour, sunlight and excitement.

(15:54, Documentary, US 2007)


Detachable Penis

Filmmakers: Helen Judge

Its so useful that we will all have one soon.

(2:50, Music Video, UK 2008)

Dan 02/11/08

Dan 02/11/08

Filmmaker: Antony Kwok, Nikkie Walsh

Rachael is a young deaf girl living a lonely and isolated life, no one will sympathise with her. Whilst playing in the park she finds a strange box in the tunnel, she takes it home and opens it up.

(7:52, Alternative, UK, 2008)

101 Pianos(Lewis Parker)

101 Pianos

MC gas mask in the house!.

Made as part of Long Road Media course work.

(2:37, Music Video, UK, 2008 &#8208 2009)



Filmmaker: Artion Barkun

Salad is prepared with special added ingredient.

(2:11, Experimental, UK, 2009)

Kraesy Kitchen

Filmmaker: Marc Abrahams

This video was shot in just one weekend (yes, all that animation) back in 2001, but has only just been digitally remastered and re-edited by me (colour correction to follow soon), as at the time it was shot and edited on borrowed gear!

The idea behind it was to take domestic objects and bring them to life by ‘choreographing’ them to one of my own tunes (called Brain Bug, after a random newspaper headline I saw at the time of writing it)!

Yes, I really did burn a hole in my kitchen floor during the making of this video, but no I didn’t care, because I moved out a couple of weeks after making this, and all that Lino got ripped up by builders anyway!

I tell you, I’m perfectly stone cold sober, honest…

(4:25, Animation, UK 2001)

Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs

Filmmaker: Project Trident

George is a reliable but unpopular accountant whose dull life is changed forever when he makes an unwise meal-time decision.

(9:25, Horror, UK, 2009)

Ode to a Dirty Smoker

Ode to a Dirty Smoker

Filmmaker: James Hoedemaker

The affects of smoking changes the views and perspective of a man. A heartfelt essay on smoking.

(1:58, Avent Garde, UK, 2009)

Alegory of the State

Alegory of the State

Filmmaker: Joe Johnson

This machine kill fascists’ was written on Woody Guthrie’s guitar. But what is written on the three boxes in the dark room?

Made as part of Long Road Media course work.

(4:34, Experimental, UK, 2008 &#8208 2009)



Filmmaker: Helen Johnson, Tom McPhee

A factory production line produces a monster which goes on a hideous rampage.

(4:43, Stop-Motion Animation, UK, 2008)



Filmmaker: Ksenija Kotova, Valadimir Paranin

A tragedy of minute yet grand proportions plays itself out in a fridge.

(1:34, Drama, UK, 2007)


Filmmakers: Rachel Lamb, Phil Clifton, Max Read, Emma Whitton

Robot friends go out on the town.

Made as part of Long Road Sixth Form College Music Video Course.

(2:41, Music Video, UK 2008)



Filmmaker: Simon Panrucker

A fun silent film in which the audience performs actions depicted on screen in a karaoke style to create the soundtrack.

(11:04, Fun/Participatory, UK, 2007)

Strawberry Fair – At The End Of The Last Millenium

Strawberry Fair - At The End Of The Last Millenium

Filmmaker: Gayle Harney

A brief flashback of the fair as it was towards the end of the last Millenium, featuring various scenes from the dance stage and three interviews with committee members.

(7:43, Documentary, UK, 1999)


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