Romsey Arts Festival 2013 Children’s Programme

PG certificate

Saturday 3rd August 2013: Screening 11:00am

Ju Ju’s Swirls

Ju Ju's Swirls

Filmmaker: Leeanne Flynn

We follow Juju as she disappears down the bath plug hole and emerges in another altogether stranger world.

(1:30, Animation, UK, 2010)



Filmmakers: John Davis

Meet Tiddles, an extraordinary cat who likes to milk it.

(3:25, Comedy, UK, 2011)



Filmmaker: Russel Taysom

There’s something in the fields . . . something evil!

(1:22, Animation, UK, 2010)

Happy Cloud

Happy Cloud

Kids TV show, Happy Cloud, is losing viewers.

In an attempt to boost ratings, the director brings in Jiggy Bigwig to give his cast a makeover.

As the show’s star, ‘Happy Cloud’ is not happy with the changes until he realizes change could mean the opportunity of winning some prestigious awards!

(5:24, Comedy, UK, 2009)

The Girl with the World in Her Hair

The Girl With The World In Her Hair

Filmmakers: Debbie Howard

A girl with amazing curly hair.

Real footage and animation tells the story of her crowning glory.

(3:22, Live Action/Animation, UK, 2012)

Parek Det’artko

Parek Det'artko

Filmmaker: Vivien Peach

Always hop, skip and play with your food.

(1:49, Animation, UK, 2009)

La Carte (The Postcard)

La Carte (The Postcard)

Filmmaker: Stefan Le Lay

A young man living in a postcard becomes infatuated with a young lady in another postcard and will do whatever it takes to be with her.

(7:30, Fiction, FR, 2009)

Dog’s Day Afternoon

Dog's Day Afternoon

Filmmaker: Avgousta Zourelidi

A story about a dog, an old lady and some . . . donuts.

(2:57, Animation, UK, 2008)



Filmmaker: Kirk Hendry, Lydia Russel

A tale of obsession with junk food that may prove hard to swallow!

(6:00, Animation, UK, 2009)

Pigs in the Woods

Pigs in the Woods

Filmmakers: Mark Fleming and Friends at Rowan, Anna Kendrew (Art Tutor at Rowan)

Pigs are happy in the wood but little do they know that their days are numbered but the crows hatch a plan to save the pigs bacon.

A collaborative story-telling project from the students of Rown, Humberstone Road.

(2:15, Stop Frame Animation, UK, 2012)

The Star Destroyer Potemkin

The Star Destroyer Potemkin

Filmmaker: Karsten Koehler

Homage/Mash-up to Sergei Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin, performed by Lego Star Wars Minifigures

(11:04, Lego Movie, UK, 2005)

Count to 5

Count to 5

Young Stephan is thinking about kissing a girl he desperately fancies but will he get up the courage?

(2:19, Comedy, UK, 2011)

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