Strawberry Shorts Film Festival 2008: Programme 3

Saturday 7th June 2008: Screening 12:00

Still Single

Filmmaker: Henry Shepherd

A story about the trials and tribulations of a single Cambridge man in the dating game.

(24:00, Comedy, UK 2007)

Eyeful On The Alley

Filmmakers: Long Road Sixth Form College

As the Band plays on in the carpark, the kids fight!

Made as part of Long Road Sixth Form College Music Video Course.

(2:18, Music Video, UK 2008)


Filmmaker: Anne O’Connell

The Norfolk coastline is under threat from erosion and the government has stopped putting protection measures in place. This means that whole villages will fall into the sea, with devastating consequences for the people who live there and at great loss to the wider community. Global warming will make the problem worse and it is predicted that the Norfolk Broads could also be washed away.

Diana Wrightson set up her home and café business in the village of Happisburgh 25 years ago, after retiring from full time teaching. The building is now about to fall over the cliff. She cannot insure her property and she will receive no compensation. She will lose everything she has worked for all her life. But just when it seems hopeless, this charming and indomitable woman decides to stand up and fight.

(14:06, Documentary, UK 2007)

My Angel

Filmmaker: Genio

Thw video uses music and pictures. Music of singer/songwriter genio, pictures of genio and genia. Genio contributes with art in drawings and paintings + photos. Genia contributes with art in drawing + photos.

Genio sings about his daughter who suddenly died:- the sorrow, thoughts and feelings that emerge after the tragedy of losing a close and beloved one.

(4:28, Music Video, UK)

Hippy Trip

Filmmaker: Sanjay Joshi

Two Hippies try tochange the world by kidnapping a yuppie and removing him of his evil capitalist ways, but their measures have a strange consequences. Its described as eccentric, weird and plain daft.

(9:30, Music Video, UK 2004)

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