Strawberry Shorts Film Festival 2008: Programme 6


Filmmakers: Tim Lewis

A bored office worker settles down to a refreshing iced coffee after a long days work in his tedious, mundane job in the city.

Making the most of the summer evening, he begins to unwind at his favourite street cafe, while waiting for the rush hour traffic to subside.

Skimming aimlessly through his usual newspaper, his mind begins to wander to more relaxing settings.

His day dream is breifly interrupted but he soon resumes his paper, unaware that his dreams are about to become reality much sooner than he anticipated.

(3:00, Magic Realism, UK)


Filmmakers: Long Road Sixth Form College

A couple argues but will they make up?

Made as part of Long Road Sixth Form College Music Video Course.

(3:09, Music Video, UK 2008)

What Is The Magnificent Revolutionary Cycling Cinema?

Filmmakers: Simon Mullen

The Magnificent Revolutionary Cycling Cinema is the only UK bicycle-powered cinema, uniting art, education and sustainability. Throw in top hats, 50?s usherettes and a touch of the circus weird? and you?ve arrived at The Magnificent Revolutionary Cycling Cinema!

(3:34, Documentary, UK 2007)


Filmmakers: Paul Windridge

What do you think about between sleep and awake?

BLINDS is a visual merging of internal thoughts and external influences in a life. A complex composition involving a total of 75 interacting layers which produce a series of unusual juxtapositions.

(3:33, Experimantal, UK 2007)

Sign Language

Filmmakers: Ben Campbell

Oliver Squire is desperate. He lives with his parents, has no job, spends most of his life daydreaming, writing to pen pals and watching the girl he loves from his bedroom wndow.

Frustrated with living at home and driven mad by his parents constant sexual activities, Oliver sets out to make his dreams come true.

With a little help from his friends, and his pecular habits, Oliver might (just) succeed.

(12:08, Drama/Comedy, UK 2007)

  • Farewell Farewell – Gravenhurst

    Filmmakers: John Thole

    A Man wanders through a field, he struggles as his body is made of papier mache. He holds a note in his hand. Upon reaching a clearing there is a small group of people sit at a table. The note is a party invitation.He is the guest of honour, but this is not an ordinary party.

    This film is one of the BBC Film Network New Music Shorts 2007.

    (3:00, Music Video, UK 2007)

  • Something I Prepared Earlier

    Filmmakers: Richard Harris

    Set in a privatised, TV-obsessed Britain of the near future, this dark satire follows the last weeks in the life of surgeon-droid James Swallow, a super-intelligent Mark Nine android. After being told by his employer, Wall-Mart hospital, that he is about to be replaced by a next-generation Mark Ten, Swallow is terrified that the humans who gave him life are now intending to take it away. He deals with this crisis in a uniquely macabre manner – while preparing for a radical mid-life career change.

    (16:53, Drama/Comedy, UK 2007)

  • USA to Mexico

    Filmmaker: Nicholas B. MacNider

    Backpacking in the USA is often accompanied by dire warnings of danger south of the boarder, for nowhere else in the world do such divisions persist between rich and poor. This short however embraces Mexico City, while providing a subtle enviromental nudge toward car-culture alternatives. It is part of a series of short films made following a seven year backpacking adventure.

    (4:02, Documentary, US)

    Me + Dad

    Filmmaker: Carla Berzon

    A heartfelt, true , short story told by a little girl about her father and their relationship. The style of animation emphasises that a young child is telling the story.

    (2:00, Animation, UK)

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