Svetlana Barr Biography 2010

poster for short film 'Blackberry Stains'

Svetlana Barr has received an MA in film production from London University, and has produced a range of short films, features, corporate videos, music videos and theatrical productions, including Vibrating Colours (a finalist in the Red Bull competition), Gabriel Ernest (short film), a corporate video for WealthShare, and a music video for singer/songwriter Stuart Glover.

Svetlana possesses an unerring knack for organizing, with stringent control of budgets combined with exceptional time management skills; she is the one that ensures all projects run smoothly.

Strawberry Shorts Note: Svetlana Barr introduced Blackberry Stains in Programme 4, and the screening was followed by a Q&A. Svetlana Barr is the the executive producer of Blackberry Stains.

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