Strawberry Shorts Film Festival 2009: Programme 8

Saturday 6th June 2009: Screening 15:00

Riverside(Kid Harpoon)


A cold looking guitar player, plays the guitar with wet feet and no shirt on.

Made as part of Long Road Media course work.

(3:01, Music Video, UK, 2008 &#8208 2009)

Press The Red Button

Press The Red Button

Filmmaker: Rachael Field

Together will we save the world OR consign it to a black hole dustbin and make a new one?

The fate of planet Earth rests in the hands of four plucky contestants on stage. Using 100% recyclable materials they make the show before our very eyes – buildings, casts of millions, contemporary world events all created with old newspaper and toilet rolls.

(12:14, Game Show, UK, 2007)

Frog’s Legs

Frog's Legs

Filmmaker: Ralph Stewart, Martin Solomon

An English goes to a French restaurant and finds out that not all French people love the legs of frogs.

(2:05, Comedy, UK, 2009)

A Hero’s Journey

A Hero's Journey

Filmmaker: Jack Herbert, Barrington Paul Robinson

Sam is on a quest in a world where enemies are everywhere. His fantasy mission collides with harsh reality when his mother finds herself in danger.

(6:10, Drama, UK, 2008)

Marteria – Zum K├Ânig Geboren

Marteria Zum Koenig Geboren

Filmmaker: Daniel Franke, Martin W.Maier, Christoph Berndt

German Hip Hop that just wont stop.

(4:03, Music Video, DE, 2008 &#8208 2009)

Who Wants Roberto Santini’s Guts

Who Wants Roberto Santini's Guts

Filmmaker: Jean-Julien Collette, Olivier Tollet, Anthony Rey

Flight 623 from Berlin is 15 minutes late. Enough time for a young businessman, on the plane, to throw a part of his life into question. At the airport, Joseph Conrad, a tramp with a troubled past, seems obsessed by this mysterious flight. These two men, worlds apart, have nevertheless one thing in common: the final drop that makes the vase overflow.

(14:38, Drama, BE, 2003)

Throw Me To The Rats

Throw Me To The Rats

Filmmaker: Alasdair Brotherston

In a Victorian theatre of grotesque, buxom kebab-guzzling ladies peer through opera glasses at the bizarre spectacle unfolding on stage. A chorous line of can can dancers behind a choreographed group of horse heads twirling cocktail umbrellas. Above them a tight rope walker teeters precariously as the audience awaits the main act – an incontinent cat.

(4:34, Music Video, UK, 2008)



Filmmaker: Szilivia Papp, Daniel Herner

This short film, titeld LE(F)T , would like to make us think about partnerships, or about ourselves. What would you do in a disaffected relationship? How do you act in a problematic situation? You attack? Or you freezed? You brave or shy? Are you able to admit at all?

(7:03, Drama, HU, 2008)



Filmmaker: Rowan Gray

A child’s connection to the World.

(4:50, Animation, UK, 2008)

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